Sasana Ramsi Vihara Trust

This first charity Sasana Ramsi Vihara Trust was founded by Venerable U Uttara in June 1995 with the support of 5 Trustees for the charity. The charity registration number with the Charity Commission is 1053233. The address then was 18 Ospringe House, Waterloo, London SE1 8TP. With continued support of the donors, Venerable U Uttara and Venerable U Thilakehta managed to find a suitable place in North –West London which became a resident of a big magnificent sitting Buddha statute and 3 monks; Venerable U Uttara, Venerable U Thilakehta and Venerable U Pannasara. In 2002 December, the charity moved to the present address - 83 Booth Road, Colindale, London NW9 5JU. This Buddha statute sitting in the shrine room is the biggest Buddha statute in the UK and in Europe.

In 2013 The Sasana Ramsi Vihara Trust was incorporated into company limited by guarantee and became a registered charity company with Charity Commission, named as Sasana Ramsi Myanmar Buddhist Centre and the registration number is 1161315. This charity is going from strength to strength. Over the past 10 years, the monks have been teaching Burmese basic literature and Buddhism to children, conducting Dhamma talks and meditation classes to the community at 83 Booth Road regularly every week with the commitment of the parents and children and the donors. As a result of these commitments, the Barnet Council has granted a Certificate in June 2017 that 83 Booth Road, Sasana Ramsi Myanmar Buddhist Centre is now an approved residence for the monks, monastery and a Buddhist community centre that facilitates Religious Education.