This charity is managed by the Trustees and directors of the charity company. Venerable U Uttara is Ex-officio, Mr Sein Tun Aung, Dr Win Naing, Dr Win Htut and Ms Tin Htar Swe are trustees and Venerables U Thilakehta and U Pannasara, Dr Khin Win Nwe, Ms Thidar Thwin, Ms May Hla Maung Htut, Ms Thidar Win Maung are directors and Dr May Khin Erskine is the company secretary.

The chief monk Venerable U Uttara is so passionate about developing, establishing and maintaining the Burmese Buddhist culture and tradition. He is very much concerned of the future generation of the young people as they have very little exposure to Buddhism and Burmese culture. Without the Buddha’s teaching there will not be Burmese tradition and culture as the Burmese tradition developed from Buddha’s teachings. He is so keen to get the young people involve in the developing Burmese tradition in the UK. He persuaded the young parents to bring their children to the monastery every Saturday/Sunday to learn Burmese and to participate in the Burmese entertainments, singing and dancing. He was the first to organise the Burmese New Year celebration in mid1990 and it is still going strong. He was very instrumental in organising and developing a Buddha Day, a special occasion where all the monks in London and around get together with the support of the donors, to celebrate the Buddha’s Birthday, the Enlightenment Day and the Day he passed away which all fell on the same in the month of May.

The first celebration was in May 2004 and since then the celebration of Buddha Day is going strong. He is also extremely busy developing the Buddhist monasteries in Europe- Ireland, Finland, Netherland, Denmark and Germany. Although there are difficulties, these will not stop Venerable U Uttara to do what he thinks is important for the Buddha’s teaching to spread and to establish and maintain the Burmese culture and tradition in the UK and in Europe.

Venerable U Thilakehta is very keen on the delivering the Dharma talks and conducting meditation sessions. He is a very experience meditation instructor trained under Mahasi Sayadaw for 3 years. He teaches Buddhism to the children and Abidharma to the adults and help to those who wish to take the Abidharma examinations from level 1 to 3. He is very generous with his time and also flexible in his teaching time to accommodate the time that the learner can give; any day of the week and even at night after the learner finishes his /her work and can make the way to the monastery. He is extremely good at writing poems related to the Buddha and his teaching. He is passionate about exploring and learning the literatures writing by well-known senior monks about Buddha’s teachings. Venerable U Pannasara is extremely good at keeping the monastery in order and hardworking monk. He is very friendly, warm and welcoming. He involves in all the dharma talks giving by his senior monks.