The monastery is a small semi- detached 3 bed-room house. The 3 monks live upstairs and the ground floor is divided into 2 rooms, one is for kitchen and breakfast room and the other is a multipurpose room using it for shrine room where we pay homage to Buddha, a magnificent big sitting Buddha Statute; the chanting and prayer room, meditation room, Dhamma and blessing room for the donors and dining room for the monks. When we have special occasions such as birthday blessing celebration, wedding blessing, blessing for good send off when someone passed away and Remembrance Day, then we are a bit crowded in one sitting room.

We would like to have a bit more space so we are trying to raise some funding to be able to buy a new premise. You all have been so generous and most of you have already been contributing monthly donations towards the fund. We warmly welcome your ideas and suggestions how we can raise the charity income of at least £1000 per month to be able to talk to the bank for the loan to buy the other half of the semi- detached house of 83. The price could be around £550,000.

We very much hope that with your continued generosity we will be able to fulfil our dream of our monastery with a space to accommodate the donors, guest and visitors and a space to accommodate children’s teaching session and a space to meditate.

My dear family and friends your help is much appreciated. Thank you for your help which enables the monks to help us in improving ourselves and our children and our grandchildren through Buddha’s teachings, delivered by our monks. Your donations help our children to learn our Burmese language, Burmese literature and Burmese culture and tradition which I believe is adorable.

Please continue with your donations, any regular amount is going to be helpful and will go a long way when we start talking to the banks. The banks want to see the regular income on our charity account before they agree to give us the loan.

Please spread this message to other members of your family and friends. People are willing to help if they get the message that your community needs your help. In return you will get the benefit not only for this existence but also in the next existence and the next, and the next, throughout the Sasara with good merits in the higher realms.

You can donate by standing order into Sasana Ramsi Myanmar Buddhist Centre Account name.

The account details:

A/C 20473885
Sort Code: 16-58-10
Bank: TRIODOS Bank

Your generosity is very much appreciated and a huge thanks to you all.