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Invitation for Dha Ma Nae Pwe celebration

  • Sasana Ramsi Vihara 83 Booth Road Colindale, NW9 5JU London (map)

My very dear family and friends,

We, from Sasana Ramsi Vihara Trust, are inviting you all to join us in celebrating the Dha Ma Nae cooking celebration on 04/02/18. This is one of the Burmese traditions.

This is a group donation of the donors and we all are very grateful for their good will and generosity not only with hard earned money but also their time and labour which is a very hard work.

 It is our tradition to donate and offer to monks and share with family and friends whatever is the first income; for us eg-  our first salary; for our farmers their farmland produce – it will be the first very delicate paddy buds, then when the paddy are harvested- their first harvest before they dried up; then when the paddy are completely dried- the first basket before they are going to be stored in the barns.

The sticky rice is the first crop that produces from the farmland of Myanmar. Dha Ma Nae Pwe is one of our traditions where the villagers, young adult men and women get together and form into groups and the groups compete in cooking the sticky rice.

The women prepare the ingredients in proportion to go into the cooking. It is very important that the proportions are of correct amount; the sticky rice the oil, coconuts, sesame seeds, peanuts and ginger! if these are not in correct proportions the end result will not be perfect. The group that finishes first and the cooked sticky rice is of optimum taste then this group will be selected as the winner. It is very enjoyable. This is the time when the young men can come closer to the young girls they fancy; they can talk, tease each other and some guy may propose the girl. This is the time when the young men can show off their Biceps and 6 pads while they are cooking. Cooking sticky rice is a hard labour; even in winter night the men become very sweaty because they have to work hard in stirring the sticky rice while cooking in the large wok under the open fire. At other times, the adult girls are not allowed to talk to young men; they will be watched, supervised and monitored – very restricted life! So very interesting!!

Please come and try out our delicious, authentic delicatessen of Myanmar.

There will be food offering to the monks at 10 am. The guest will be having lunch at 12 noon. The cooking groups will be continuously cooking the sticky rice while we are eating!

Do join us on 04/02/18.

Trustees and directors of Sasana Ramsi Myanmar Buddhist Trust.
83 Booth Road, Sasana Ramsi Vihara, London NW9 6JU