Sasana Ramsi Vihara, London, UK, 2017

This first charity Sasana Ramsi Vihara Trust was founded by Venerable U Uttara in June 1995 with the support of 5 Trustees for the charity. The charity registration number with the Charity Commission is 1161315. The address then was 18 Ospringe House, Waterloo, London SE1 8TP. With continued support of the donors...

When you visit Sasana Ramsi Vihara, you feel you are warmly welcome. All the supporters are very
friendly and generous. There are few fund raising events where all the supporters from small
children, young adult and older people participate in traditional music and dancing entertainments,
food fare for fund raising; the traditional Burmese food are authentic and delicious. Please come and
try these foods at our next event. We will send out the invite.
— With loving kindness - May Erskine

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